So after hearing about the new Pokemon, I decided to wait it out to see what new Pokemon are added before I can start asking people to become my Pokemon again. But if you still want to be part of my Pokemon family, I welcome it :) just check my list (which I will update soon). Sorry haven’t been on. D;

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Need to pre-order Pokemon X & Y and figure out what new Pokemons are gonna be added…..great, now I have to add more to my Pokedex lmfao……here we go again….

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omfg I love your blog. it is honestly THE fucking best blog ever. I also wanna be in your pokedex.:3

oh my o////o thanks so much!! <3 and for sure :3 who do you wanna be? :)

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Anyone wanting to join my Pokedex? I’m trying to capture all Pokemon by having 649 people be the Pokemon they want to be :). There are some taken but if you see yours isn’t in my Pokedex, then you can just choose the one that isn’t in my Pokedex yet :) please help this trainer achieve that goal :c. Thanks for taking your time to read this ;___;.

Click here to check what I have so far :)

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